This Mimosa tree was grown from seed by our friend @ssonmoss and has been quietly bringing its love energy to its little corner of the courtyard since we opened. Today we noticed buds for the first time! Keep your eye out for the pink puff magic to come! #pleasuremedicine #plantmedicine #invasivebutpretty #treemore
Have we mentioned how much we love The Merguez sausage from @asankabaltimore? Here’s our plate with @moonvalleyfarm paprika spiced Christmas Lima Bean Conserva, and Russian Kale, housemade pickles, and pure full blast, all-in love. ❤️🌿
See you tomorrow, for Brunch! 🌿🌸🔥❤️
📸 by @nate.gregorio
New addition to the courtyard to celebrate our 2nd Anniversary, the “Dinner Painting”. Built from a single ash tree, and made in secret over the last 6 months with the kind guidance of @goodwooddesign
Ideal spot for a special occasion dinner, or a  date night. 

Inspired by Michelangelo Pistoletto’s Quadro da pranzo (Lunch painting), 1965 #outdooreating #woodslab #artepovera #wabisabi #tablefortwo
❤️ Happy Mother’s Day, to ours, to yours, and with deep thanks to all mothers across time, space, and species. It’s also our ✨2nd Anniversary, and well, we’re kind of amazed and bewildered we’ve made it this far. Thank you for being with us! Some of you know we started here in Baltimore doing ‘avant brunch’ in our house, so its fitting that Brunch marks this day. Insatiably yours, Larder

📸 by the lovely and talented @nate.gregorio
Saturday at Larder with a @twoboots #PlantSale New #PicnicBoard 🧺#IceCreamSandos
Introducing the *TurDucken Burger* 
Duck confit inside a turkey and chicken burger, topped with apple chutney, little gems, a perfect @motzi.bread sesame bun + spicy pickles on the side.
Incredible chips by @thesportydog
Just back in the shop, a classic of @colectivo1050grados  these mezcal cups are inspired by traditional Mexican forms. The "Mezcalerito Zandunga" was originally designed for a mezcaleria and restaurant in Oaxaca. Available from Larder in 5 different colors. If you don't drink mezcal, you can use them for marmelades, soy suace, table salt or paper clips. 
#1050forever #mexicanceramics #quebonita
We endeavor to make every day earth day at Larder. Today we want to tell you about some of the things we do as a business to grapple with our environmental impact.

We have always used 100% compostable disposable containers and cutlery, and now that styrofoam packaging is banned, many more businesses are making this change. We also pay @baltimorecompostcollective to pickup our compost (separated into plant-based kitchen scraps for their 3 bin on-site composting system; and meat, oil, soiled paper and compostable containers for industrial compost processing). 

This is key. Compostables that go in the trash are sent to landfills and incinerators where they do damage to air quality and contribute to climate change.

Knowing that many of our CSR subscribers don’t have easy access to industrial composting services (hey @sustainbmore  let’s get curbside compost pickup going!) we recently switched to all reusable containers. These stainless steel containers with silicon tops were a big up-front investment, but over time we will save costs by buying less disposable containers, AND we are investing in the future of the planet!

What we do as individuals can have an impact. The decisions we make and examples we set as small businesses have an even bigger impact. To really move the needle we need government, national agencies, trade associations and non-profits to push with us against the profit interests of big companies who are invested in keeping the widespread use disposable packaging in place.

Habits change, people have power, let’s get organized. 

#earthday #earthdaybaltimore #reusable #compostable #reusablepackaging #zerowaste #stewardsoftheearth #drawdown #cradletocradle #circulardesign
New Housemade Candy Plate on tonight’s supper menu. Rosemary Chocolate Truffle, and Sudachi Habanero Caramels. 
Courtesy of @gostphoenix 💥
Introducing the new housemade Mocktail: the *Jinn Tonic*
Combining botanicals commonly found in Gin...Blood orange, Juniper, Ginger, coriander, Anise, and of course Tonic. Served carbonated direct from the tap! ; ) #lowABV #NAcocktail #springspritzer #JinnNotGin #SpiritsnotSpirits
We’ve been so focused on our reopening last week, that we didn’t get a chance to post this beautiful article by @elizabethevittsdickinson in the #WashingtonPostMagazine  #silkyprose #baltimorelove